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About the Institute



The Trent Lott Leadership Institute sets its sights high. Our mission is to identify talented young people and prepare them for leadership positions in our state and nation. We fully expect that the names of today’s Public Policy Leadership graduates will resound through the halls of state legislatures, Congress, U.S. embassies, and other institutions that serve the public good in future years.

Named in honor of distinguished Ole Miss alumnus, former U.S. Sen. Trent Lott, the Institute offers a wide range of leadership and outreach programs that work to enrich the lives and enhance the abilities of students and faculty, as well as high school students, students from other colleges and universities, and the community.

Although named for a prominent politician, the Lott Leadership Institute’s mission is strictly focused on education and leadership development.  Partisan politics does not play a part in the Institute’s programs or policies.  The Institute is not involved in advocacy for any ideology or position and will not be used as a platform or venue by the Institute or its affiliates for anything inconsistent with its mission.

At the Lott Leadership Institute, we reach out to young people before they enter college through our Lott Program for Pre-College Students.  This includes the Lott Leadership Institute for High School Students and the Lott Leadership Institute for Rising Ninth Graders. We continue with our Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy Leadership degree at The University of Mississippi.  In PPL we work with promising and talented young people to develop global leaders for the future. We engage students, faculty, and community in thought-provoking conversation and debate through our ongoing Lott Leadership Institute Lecture Series.

By merging comprehensive leadership technique with global consciousness, we produce informed leaders for the future.